Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Running because I hate being late....

This week has been great...we have had tons of appointments to try and get to...It has been hard with such a big area to try and visit everyone on time... It has been quite difficult....My companion is thinking that i have really lost my mind because we have started to run to some of our has worked a few times but we just end up sweating bullets and still a few minutes late...haha but it has been kind of fun to see Elder Garcia changing...he is teaching really well and at times he is the one who starts to run to the other appointment...haha it is super funny...

When we arrived to Magdalena we were checking around on prices for hair cuts and good grief it is expensive...100 pesos for almost every hair I decided to do what Ben used to do on his mission and buy electric hair clippers haha and start cutting my own hair...haha Elder Garcia has grown to trust me a lot more...I say that because he let me cut his hair today...haha and to tell you the truth it looks dang good haha...I was quite impressed...One talent i got from my Mom...Cutting my own hair was a different story...but it doesnt look too bad just a few bald patches...One thing I got from my Dad...haha :)

Francisco is really excited for his baptism that is coming up...we have been really focusing on him and how he can be more ready for his baptism....we have read D&C 20:37...which discusses the requirements for a baptism...he has really been trying to be more ready also...he even put this same requirements on his fridge so that he could see it everyday and so that he can do everything that he has to do to truley be ready....we love him!!!!

Thanks for all of your support and love...
Love you all
Elder Child

 One of the Catholic Churches here in Magdalena.. Everyone is saying that this Church and parts of Magdalena appear in one of the Fast and Furious movies...

  Elder Garcia, Francisco and I with the Requirements of Baptism in Doctrine and Covenants on the Fridge

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