Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Feliz Navidad y Ano Nuevo

Merry Christmas...I hope everyone was able to have a Merry Christmas...and that everyone has a very Fun New Year even if it is without Alcohol...haha just kidding...

This has been a fast week..We have found a lot more people...through the Initiative of the Chuch...which has been really good...we are now trying to Contact everyone of them...Which has been really fun and interesting to find people who are prepared for the Gospel...So we will be busy with contacting for quite a while hahaa....which is reeeaaaalllllyyy good...haha

We tried to visit all of our members on the 24th and the give them a Christmas card that we made on Monday...We got to a lot of them not all of them...but We had a very enjoyable Christmas...Because we had plans for Dinner on the 24th a Sister invited us over on the 23th for Pazoli...a very interesting very traditional soup haha...In an attached picture you will see 2 bowls of Pazoli the one on the left the bigger one is mine...the one on the right is the size of the rest of the Elders bowls...The Hermana said it was special for Elder Nino haha Her words exactly haha...It was a great time...We had a lot of food over the 24th and the 25th ....we even ate Breakfast with a Family of Investigators on Christmas Morning haha...It was kind of Crazy to have a breakfast of Tamales...haha and Frijoles...
On Christmas I was able to Skype my family which was really great...It was kind of a new experience to skype because Ben and Matt have only ever called for the holidays...But skype was great to see and talk to my family...So you will see a picture of me and my cute family haha...I will never forget the example of my Dad who at the beginning of my Call was tending to some kids of another family of the ward...sacrificing a little time with me and my family to magnify his callings...Luckily he was only gone for 10 minutes...haha We had a great discussion...I got to see what everyone got for Christmas...O it was so wonderful...

Well I hope you all have a wonderful New Year...
Be Safe
Elder Child

                                                      My Bowl of Pazole

                                        Doing some Magic tricks on Christmas Eve...

                                                    Skype with My Family!

                                           MultiZona Conference December 12

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