Monday, April 6, 2015

Semana Santa..

Hola Everyone....
This week was a super great week with Conference and Easter but It was kind of a bad week because everyone is on vacations haha For some reason I thought there would be more people for Semana Santa (The Week of Easter) but I was wrong haha...

Even thought everyone was hard to find this week we did contact a few on the street and shared with them the Iniciative of the Church...Because He Lives....It was great.. One of the people we contacted was selling Ice Creams...we found him walking on probably the most busy street in our area...haha there was quite a few cars passing, rushing to get to their Easter Parties...haha So there we were talking to this man about the Iniciative and we offered to show him the video and he accepted so I pulled out the baby dvd player that we have and one of the speakers that I brought from home...and turned up the volume as loud as it could go haha..He had a baseball hat on so we couldnt see his eyes during the video but we were able to see his tears....after the 2 minute video he looked up at us with tears still streaming down his face...and said Thank you...Thank you that is exactly what I needed today....I feel grateful for this experience To have been able to share with him in possibly the busiest part of our area this touching message...And that he could feel the spirit that a 2 minute long video brings.....

Our Progressing Investigators, Maria and Narciso, were super excited to attend General Conference....Kind of funny we passed by on the Friday before to teach them the Plan of Salvation...and to get them excited to go to Conference we arrived Friday and couldnt find anyone in the house...this was really weird because they never leave...So we tried calling and waited for a little bit...and then we saw Maria walking the long path to her house haha when she arrived we asked where she had been...she told us that she had been doing a service project with all of the Sisters of the Branch haha an activity we knew nothing about...haha It is great she is building a lot friendships in the Rama...Narciso arrived a little later from the store...and we taught the lesson...The day after we met Narciso and Maria in the Chapel...on time and everything even had their notebooks to take notes....There were very happy to have stayed for all of the sessions and to hear the Prophet speak...They are progressing super well for their baptism...

In the Spirit of Easter...I testify that Jesus Christ really suffered for every one of us and that He really rose on the third day...And because He lives we will also live...I know this Church is true with every fibe of my body....I know Jesus Christ is the head of this church and that we can recieve counsel and direction from Him and our Heavenly Father through the words of our Prophets....In the Name Of Jesus Christ Amen.

Love you all and thanks for all of you support
Love Elder Child

Trying to keep up the tradition of eating Japanese food after the session of Priesthood....Thanks for the curry Mom and Dad!

Maria, Narciso and I between sessions of General Conference in a near by park...on Sunday

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