Sunday, August 9, 2015

Calling the Fire Fighters

Hey Everyone ....
We have had another great week...We had transfers and 80% of the mission had changes hahaha kind of crazy...Elder Bernal and I are part of the 20% that didnt have transfers so we are here for another 6 weeks...We are super excited!!! Today we are recieving 8 this week will be a little bit of a struggle for our missionaries trying to get to know their new areas....

We had another baptism of a girl named Stephany on Saturday...It was another great experience....Saturday Morning we went to the church to check on the baptism font and to clean up a little bit...and we were trying to get water to mop and so we opened up the faucet and nothing came out...haha For some reason we didnt have any water at the church...haha We thought it was a sign that we should have our baptisms in the Ocean but...after a few phone calls we found out how we could get water in the font....So after a quick call to the local fire department we had the required 8,000 liters of water to fill the font....It was quite the experience but everything turned out alright....

Yesterday was a great day...I was able to call Maria del Carmen from Agua Prieta last night to check up on how she is doing...It was a fantastic experience....she told me that she was just finishing up the Book of Mormon for the 2nd time and she also finished the Book ¨Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith¨ which she really liked....She also has been preparing to go to the temple on the 15th of August...I feel so grateful to have found her in Agua Prieta and to be an instrument in Gods Hands to share with her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to watch her be baptized almost 4 months ago....She is progressing really well...she is AMAZING!

Here is my week summarized haha I hope all of you had a great week
Love you guys
Elder Child

                                                        Fire Truck to the Rescue

                                                                   Filling the Font

                                                           Transfers at the Bus Station

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