Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Opening Area Yet Again

Hello Everyone!
This past week was very crazy and also was the last week of the transfer and I have been assigned to open a new area yet again...haha But this area is different this area embarks 2 cities that are called Magdalena and Santa Ana....There havent been missionaries in Magdalena for about 4 or 5 years and I dont think that missionaries have ever been assigned to Santa Ana...So we have been assigned to work with a younger missionary that has 6 months in the mission. his name is Elder Garcia and we are here to open these two has been kind of crazy to have arrived yesterday in the night and running around like banchies trying to find a house to rent haha but we did find a house...We also met with the branch president last night and he showed us the House of Prayer (i am not sure what they are called in English in spanish they are Casas de Oracion) basically it is a rented house that has been converted into a little chapel...President told us that we have about 2 members from Santa Ana that come for the services on Sunday which make us about 20 active members...with 3 priesthood holders...My companion and I see tons of potential in these cities and we are so excited to get to know the people of Magdalena and Santa Ana...
As for leaving Puerto was hard...It was sad to say goodbye to all of the members and all of the recent converts...for this past Sunday I had a wonderful opportunity to be with them in the Temple Rededication of the Mexico City Temple...Elder Bernal and I were able to go to all three sessions...It was a beautiful be among those I have grown to love for a whole day in the Temple of God.
So this is the craziness that is happening now haha It is kind of funny to think the year that I have as a missionary...My companion and I have opened 4 areas...Crazy...

Love you all...
Elder Child

                                                         Map of my New Areas!

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