Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Eduardo's Baptism

Hey Everyone....
Hope everyone had a good week...We had a busy one getting ready for Eduardo's Baptism...It was a great experience for everyone that was there....Eduardo was super happy to be baptized and to recieve the Gift of the Holy Ghost... He has felt a lot more peace in his home and his being since his baptism....He says that his Spirit is at rest :)...We are excited for him to progress in the Gospel of Jesus Christ...

Another Experience that was pretty cool but not that spiritual is when we were walking on a street and out of no where a Hummingbird almost hit me in the head haha...on this street there was a house with 3 hummingbird feeders and about 5 hummingbirds fighting for the nectar haha...There was one hummingbird that was so impatient with the others haha she was chasing the rest of them around fighting them for the nectar...(I am supposing it was a girl hummingbird because she wanted all the food she could get) hahaha So we took a few pictures...It was kind of cool to see so many hummingbirds at the same time...the People here say that they are only here during the springtime because the summer gets way to hot for them to stay....

Ok sorry for the short letter...Love you guys..
Elder Child
The Attack of the Hummingbird (the hummingbird in the back was the one that was a little angry at the rest for eating her food) :)
                                                              Eduardo's Baptism

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