Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Running on 0% Energy and 100% Spirit

Hello Everyone!
 Hope you guys have had a great week...We have had another great week... It is very interesting my Role here in the Mission I am learning everyday how to become a better missionary and a better leader...It is hard because we have to put in a lot of time to helping missionaries, preparing meetings, and doing the administrative parts of Leadership in the Mission...Putting in this extra time is necessary but it does tire you out haha...We spend a lot of the mornings in the offices working then we go to lunch with a member, after that we are usually free to work in our own area contacting and by the end of the day we are pretty dang tired...We keep on doing companion exchanges here in Hermosillo and in every part of the mission... We are seeing a great movement in the work...The missionaries are excited and everyone seems to be finding and teaching lots of people...We continue this week with 3 meetings...1 with all of the Zone Leaders and Sister Leaders, another with just sister leaders and a third with all of the District Leaders of the all of us will be pretty busy with that this week...haha

Last night I had a wonderful opportunity...Sandra is a Convert that I was able to baptize in my last ward...her husband, almost a year and a half ago, died and since then she had felt the need to come closer to God...She was baptized 3 months ago and she called President asking if I could be the proxy for her husbands baptism in the temple...the President gave me permission and I was able to be a proxy in that baptism last night...While I was there I saw a familiar face...It was Eduardo from my last area as well...(it must have been ward temple night haha) Eduardo was able to bring a few names of his family members to be a proxy for them...After every Baptism he had a huge smile on his was just as big as the smile he had when he himself was baptized almost 2 months ago...It was a great night for 2 great converts...They felt and I know that the Baptisms that we performed last night were completely valid unto God for these people...and that these people even though they didnt get that chance to accept the Gospel here on this world...they have or are having or will have the great opportunity in the Spirit World to accept this wonderful plan...

Another time this week we were talking with a young couple that have not been sealed yet...We had planned the lesson the day earlier that we were going to teach about the Sealing we arrived at the appointment and introduced the topic and the Sister related a story that had happened a few days earlier...The Brother was sick with something of the stomach the doctors warned that it might be Advanced Appendicitis and that it might have been too late to do anything...Sister later told us that after hearing the doctor tell her this the first thing that she thought of was that She and her husband had not been sealed...The thought scared her a lot...which got her super excited to meet with the Bishop this Sunday to talk about what they need to do as a couple to be able to get to the temple and recieve this great ordinance...Temples are so great...I love them...I was thinking today while sitting in the Celestial Room that wouldnt it be great if we could just live in the temple...Or even greater if we could still live in our own homes and feel as if we were living in the temple, And then I pondered how we could make our homes feel like that...I will leave that with you guys to ponder this week...
Love you all
Elder Child
                                            Temple Trip with Sandra and Eduardo


                                                           Hair Cutting on P Day

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