Thursday, November 13, 2014

More Dengue, Chicken Feet, and Progressing Investigators...

Hello everyone,
Hope everyone is doing wonderfully this Monday afternoon....
This week has been really busy....There are lots of people in our ward and in our area that have dengue and missionaries have been getting it also in our area....With dengue you just sleep pretty much all day and you are at home for a good week recooperating....But it seems like everyone has it...and we are always giving blessings...But my companion and I have been very lucky and hopefully we will not get it (knock on wood)

We visited one Sister in our ward that has dengue and while we were there she was preparing Chicken Feet to go in a soup...because she had heard that the chicken feet help fight dengue...Kind of a weird plan but o We began to help her peel the chicken feet...Kind of a weird feeling haha but First We blanched the feet in boiling water for 5 seconds then we peeled the skin off...We did about 50...She told us that if we came over on the next day in the night time we could have some...And so we did...We got to her house and she had a huge pot of beans on the stove and the pot with the left over chicken feet soup on the counter it kind of looked like it had sat out all day haha....So she gave us a choice and because they were chicken feet and because it looked like they had been sitting out all day I chose the beans and tortillas (also because I love the tortillas) haha my companion ate 2 chicken feet and the soup...he said after that it was a little warm and lets just say he didnt like it very much haha and I am glad I didnt eat it because my comp was sick that night and the next day haha...Very interesting...I think that that sister is the only person that we have met that has liked chicken feet haha

We are continuing to build confidence with the members in our ward....which is very good....Tonight we are meeting with 2 families in our ward both with non member families...which is really good...And we are excited that the people in our ward want a part in this great work....We have a really awesome ward...We had the Primary Program on Sunday and the theme was Familias son Eternas (Families are eternal)...Such a great time...Because we have a relationship with the primary kids in our area....They did an excellant job...We are slowly but surely gaining progressing investigators...We have been working really hard with balance....because we need to gain trust with members in order to get names for more investigators...then we have our Inactivos...then our Investigators...there is just not enough time in the day...haha But good news one of our Inactivos named Rosa finally came back to church after 5 years of inactivity....really great...we have been visiting her every other day for about 30 minutes just to check up on her and give her a little thought....But it was soo good to see her at church...We have a good number of progressing investigators especially for being a new area....

One more thing we went to Centro Hermosillo for a couple hours today...and We went into this clothing store that had nice church pants for $45.00 pesos which is about $3.50 us dollars haha...So I picked up a couple of extra pairs of pants because they were 3 dollars haha!!!...

Ok Have a very wonderful week...thanks for all the prayers and support...
Elder Child

                                                      Chicken Feet...haha

               Us at a Lunch appointment with a Member who is a Photographer...So his wife 
                                     was having fun with some different lenses...haha

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