Monday, November 3, 2014

2 Months in the Mission...

Happy Halloween!

Hola todos....haha
Today is my my 2 month mark in the mission...haha I know doesnt sound very impressive but a lot has happened :)

This week has been very great...Last week I told you that we have been giving Books of Mormon to families to give to one of their friends or family members....We have been having success with that ...So finally we are getting names haha :)
The work continues...we are talking to a lot of people and really trying to do our best...on Sunday in Testimony meeting ...pretty much all of the members testified of missionary work and the importance of was the best feeling ever...Especially when we had one of the members of the families that we had given the Book of mormon challenge too get up and share their experience of missionary work and how they enjoyed our was perfect.... Sometimes all 6 missionaries in our ward go to a single house for lunch...and on thursday all 6 of us went to a comida together...and ate and then shared a was a great time...but nothing out of the ordinary...but during Testimony meeting, the Brother that hosted Thursdays lunch shared that experience and how much he could feel the spirit blessing him and his family...he likened unto having 6 Disciples of Christ eating lunch with him...Such a great Sunday...
Our investigators our all improving well...and it is fun and intersting to see their progression...and to see their countenance change as they continue to learn....

Alot of people here are getting the african dengue that is spread by mosquitoes so that has been kind of interesting...luckily it isnt spread by anything else except mosquitoes so we can still visit people who have it....I still think it is kind of weird that there is dengue in America o well...

Really quick...some other elders have been teaching in our area without us knowing about it until wednesday when my companion(district leader) got a phone call asking for a baptism interview haha....anyways we had the baptism on saturday and the elders left the water to the font on for way to long so you should see a picture of us cleaning that up...Ayyy o well now the church floor is all clean haha

Ok i dont have time to talk about food sorry
Thanks for all your support
Until next week
Elder Child

Cleaning up water in the Church....I think I carried 10 5-gallon buckets out...not sure how many the rest of the elders hauled out....

                                                                 My Desk!

                                         Halloween Masks at Investigators house.....

                   Our Jack O Lantern made out of a Pepper haha Little Baby missionary man!

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