Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 2 of Progression...

Hola everybody,
Hope everyone is doing alright....First sorry Matt I forgot your birthday...I will eat 22 tacos for your 22 years of life haha....Happy Birthday haha

This week I have progressed a lot i feel like...I am able to understand what is being said around me even with all the super strong accents...and I am working hard on improving my accent so I don{t sound like I am from Idaho so much...haha Speaking of Idaho...a man stopped us on the street on Wednesday and asked us where we were from my companion said Utah and I said Idaho...and he said Really, Idaho? I go to Idaho every year for I asked him where and he said Rupert....I was so excited haha so I told him that I was born in Rupert and my whole story...haha It was super cool...I dont know why he is down here when the harvest is going on.-..o well on with my letter...

We have had so much wonderful food this week...One of my favorite meals was Carne Frita which is fried steak....which was cooked to perfection might I add...then on the side we had fresh salad with tomatoes and with Mil Isles (thousand island dressing) and Potatoe salad...ahhh it was good...We have so many grand meals....and the first plate is usually a quite a bit of food....and after we are finished with our plate the Hermana will ask would you like some more...and usually I say un poquito por favor (a little bit please) and so she will take my plate and put double the amount she put on my plate the first time....this happens everyday when will I learn haha :) But I cannot tell you enough how amazing the flour tortillas are...mmm marvelous!

Ok, now on the Spritual side...we are still trying to get members to give us name....they feed us, give us water, let us into their houses always, but will not give us any names....So we have been trying something different as of recently...we have been reading the scripture that goes like This is my Work and My Glory to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of Moses Ch 1
and then giving them a Book of Mormon with our number in it...and then we tell them that it is everyones work to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of men and then challenging them to go and place the Book of Mormon throughout the week and that we would check up on them on Sunday to see who they have given it too then following up with a Visit....So far we are seeing promising results haha... We are progressing well with our investigators and we hope to have a baptism on the 15th of we hope that goes according to plan....
I love this work so makes my day when we pass someone on the street who you can tell isnt having a good day and saying Buenas Dias and giving them a smile...and just by that one act the whole look of this person changes...they tip their head up, smile, and lift their shoulders...This past week my companion and I have been sick with a Cold so it has been kind of a hard week just trying to conquer this cold...but we work on....

This is my invitation to cheer someone up this week that you can tell is having a bad day...I promise it will make your day better as well...

Thanks for all your love and support
Elder Child

      One of our Staples....Notice in the ingredients Especias (Species) Who knows what we are eating haha :)

At one of our Lunch appointments...This dog is soo tiny...I almost stepped on it as I walked in the door...But its still alive haha


Girls in the Street that we met after one of our appointments...They wanted to learn english haha

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