Sunday, October 5, 2014

Teaching People...Not Lessons

This past week has been great!

Really quick I have heard about my Visa and Travel Plans...My Visa is almost done and I don't understand it all but on Oct. 15 or 16 I will fly to Boise then go to the Mexican Consulate there and recieve my Visa and then I will be on my way to MEXICO!!! The rest of my district is leaving on Monday so I will only be a few days behind them :) so I will only write you one more time while in the States :) So I won't have to stay in the states for a that is good.

This past week we have emphasized our efforts on learning how to Teach people, not lessons. It is such a crazy feeling when you just focus on what the investigator is telling you and what the Spirit is telling you... Yesterday we went in to teach our real investigator (yes Dad he is real) and we really focused on Javier (thats his name) and what he needed in his life...he then started to talk to us about his problems with modern day prophets which really set us up nicely to challenge him to watch General Conference this weekend...and to pray to know if we have living Prophets on the Earth today... It was perfect. We have been teaching Javier for the past 2 weeks and it has been a great experience...but yesterday we had say bummer but hopefully we were able to help him feel the Spirit throughout our lessons :)

So General Conference has been great...The Members of the 70 speaking their native language is super cool and has testified to me that this Church is truly a worldwide church...O and I was able to figure out what the Spanish speaking 70 was saying :)

I was also called to be District Leader a while ago and it has been interesting to learn how Christ lead and all of the things each Missionary in my district struggle with...this past week has been quite the week, just helping my missionaries with certain struggles in their lives....It has been a great learning experience...

Ok not a very long letter and no pictures this week because I am up at Main Campus and don't have much time so sorry,

Thanks for your love and support

Elder Child

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