Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Elder Hijo....letter posted after pictures...


Celebratory Sangria (non alcoholic) after our first lesson with our first real inverstigator

Pretty big rainstorm in Provo on 9/27/14

What Elder Miller and I put on our door so we can have peace and quiet...

Look towards the temple in times of darkness (picture taken this morning walking to the temple)

OK, so we have weekly room checks to make sure our rooms stay clean...we may OR may not have bribed the room checkers with Swedish Fish...(Notice Bottom Left)

Hello Y'all,
Hope this letter finds you well...I am hoping and praying for Grandpa Child's quick recovery...

It has been a great week of learning and progressing...everyone including my teachers and sometimes even my Branch President calls me Elder Hijo which is kinda funny...However, when our teacher's lesson is about putting childish things behind us and become men (this lesson was mainly for those still very immature Elders in my district that like to waste time) But it was still all good haah:)

Last Sunday we were able to attend the Ogden Temple is quite the experience when yuo are among 2,600 other missionaries doing the Hosanna Shout and singing the Spirit of God, for the closing hymn.  The Spirit was soooo strong, it was amazing...So the MTC is providing a Priesthood Choir for General Conference..and last Sunday they kind of had try outs.  It was a survey asking your experience singing and if you were in H. S. choir and which part you sang and so on.  So I marked that I had done Ward Choir and I was a Bass...and apparently they had ALOT of people singing bass and even though I had extensive experience singing in choirs, they did not choose me, which is alright because the elders that are in the choir are practicing like 3 hours everyday next wee during personal study time so God wants me to focus more on studying:)

We also gained a new real investigator on Monday...his name is Javier and he is a very nice guy:)  We have been moving quite smoothly through the lessons both with Spanish and with Doctrine;)  One quick experience we had on Wednesday as we were finishing up the Restoration, it went to the Apostacy, then to Temple Work and how everyone has a chance to accept the gospel either in this life or the next...and the Spanish was there and I was able to explain everything...I felt bad afterward because I talked so much that my companion didn't say a lot...that is my goal for this week, to let him talk more haha:)

Ok, I know quick letter I will write more next week
Elder Child

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