Sunday, September 14, 2014

...Say Freeze...

Hello Everybody!  I am doing very well.  We taught our last lesson to our first investigator on Thursday.  Which went very well.  My companion had to go to the Consulate to get his I was on splits with some different Elders...I felt bad because I didn't give them any warning about my comps trip so going into this lesson I didn't want to step on their toes because this lesson we were supposed to invite her to be baptized....So we get in there and sit down and I give the opening prayer and the one of the Elders from the other companionship was struggling quite a bit...and I don't think the other Elder knew what he was trying to say. So we sat and waited for the one Elder to find whatever the heck he was searching for in his Scriptures for about 1:30 but it seemed like forever haha So I took a step and started explaining to her about Christ's Baptism and how I was baptized like Christ was...she told me about being baptized as an infant in the Catholic church and I explained about the priesthood and I believe about the apostasy (I really am not sure what I say half the time it just comes what a blessing) and how we needed to be baptized by the proper authority of God....To say the least the Elder never found that scripture and we continued without it or Preach My Gospel and we all bore our testimonies once more on various topics and I closed the lesson with my Testimony and I told her that we had not taught her everything she needed to learn before baptism but in the upcoming months I promised she would be ready to be baptied by the proper authority of God...and she ACCEPTED!! Muy Bien.....The investigator said the closing prayer and we walked out of the room little did I know we took up about 40 minutes teaching :)  Later on I was talking to one of the Elders I taught the lesson with and he expressed to me the problems his companionship has been having and how he was not wanting to help the one Elder (who was searching for the scripture) because of the Elder (who was searching for the scripture for half an eternity) has been pretty cocky with him and all of the missionaries in our district.  And he said that by me sharing my testimony made him forget the things his companion had done and focused on Inviting our Investigator to Christ and that he really appreciated me butting in to their lesson.    Haha so crazy lesson but my real companion and I's lesson on Wednesday was super fun haha He is an amazing companion haha but in this lesson he was supposed to talk about the atonement and I was focusing on how the atonement makes it so our families can be together forever.  So my companion said the prayer and had me read a scripture haha and after the scripture I looked at him and He just FROZE he couldn't say anything he had the funniest look on his face hahaha it was certainly a Kodak moment I looked at the investigator and she was about to laugh as well so after having some fun I went on with my lesson....he still never said anything through the whole lesson haha It was still a pretty good lesson.    So many things to write sooooo little time I am attaching some pictures about the MTC West Campus.... The big white "bubbles" are our athletic bubbles one has basketball and the other two have volleyball courts and free weights and such....I am getting pretty dang good at volleyball haha FYI one of those bubbles has 6 full sized volleyball courts in it...the other pictures have the cafeteria and BYU Bookstore/Mailroom in them....West campus is made up dorm rooms...lots of dorm rooms haha our classroom is in the living room of a dorm and are desks are a vaccuum head apart haha very tight :) I am also attaching my mission plaque picture so if you could send that to Weiser....Also I saw Sister Larsen I have to try and send it to Wendall Walker haha  Great to see someone I knew :)  Thanks for all of your support  I love you all Elder Child

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