Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hello all! Today is My Preparation day! It has been such a crazy 2 1/2 days...I don't know where to even begin....
On Wednesday when I was dropped off, and after saying my final goodbyes...I left the drop off area with my missionary host...We went straight into one of the buildings here on the main campus and received our badges, Companion assignment, and Room assignment.  We then went through a line to get all of our necessary learning materials...We were then shoved into a 12 passenger van we then headed over to what is known as MTC West Campus.  The MTC West Campus is where most if not all of the spanish speaking missionaries go for training...I believe this is the only other campus other than Main Campus where the rest of the missionaries including english speaking missionaries go to training....
We then dropped of our suitcases at our apartment and took our little blue bag of essentials (books from the BYU bookstore) and headed straight to class.  First day of class was a very nice refresher course of what I had learned in high school and thought I had forgotten... after that we had a devotional with our branch presidency....haha we sat in front of a few Sisters, which was just fine until we started singing....The sister right behind me is fearless in her singing and I suffered from deafness for the next couple hours lets leave it at that hahaha jk :) The next morning we went to class started learning so much spanish...its insane and I know I couldn't learn that much material in a small amount of time by myself....There spirit is so prevalent everywhere...
We have just had Spanish classes up to this point....Yesterday my companion and I taught our first lesson in spanish to a Mock investigator about the Plan of Salvation....we didn't have a lot to say (being greenies in the MTC) but at the end of the lesson we said a prayer and she said she could feel the spirit throughout our lesson....We are taught that even though we stink at spanish and will for a while the spirit still teaches those we talk to...Very good testimony to me that the spirit converts those investigators not us...We have another lesson tonight at 6:30 with Elizabeth, is her name. 
My companions Name is Elder Miller and he just graduated from high school in Northern Utah....He is a very interesting guy haha :) I think he was a little home sick the first night because he was tossing and turning all night (he is on the top bunk because he is junior companion Mwahaha :)) 
We have a Elder in our District who, when we got here, spoke Spanish like Dad.....VERY AMERICAN haha :)
He has been struggling with spanish but last night he said our closing prayer (in Spanish) for our night class and he spoke with such clarity with few can just tell his intent is pure and that he has the gift of tongues...Seriously though that prayer sounded like it came straight from a Latino it was amazing!  
There is 9 in our district, 8 of them are going to my mission and 1 is going to the Guatemala City East Mission...he didn't go to the Guatemala MTC because of his VISA....
Real Quick we had an opportunity to go to the temple today....Amazing day...Amazing Temple....While there I was reading in the Bible dictionary under 'Temple' and it says that " is the most holy of any place of worship on the earth.  Only the Home can compare with the temple in the sacredness."  So whoever you are reading my letter let me challenge you to make your home as sacred as the temple, let it be a spiritual uplifting and a learning environment.  Also after the temple we were outside on the grounds and a young man came up to me....truly reminded me of Bronson Dille...he shook my hand, looked me in the eye and said Thank you Elder, Have a good day....just a little reminder to me that I need to not only be the best Elder I can be for Heavenly Father but for those younger men that look to missionaries as examples....
Well better be off thanks for everything,
Elder Child 
P.S. Muchos Gracias for the Cinnamon rolls We are eating them tonight...Thanks again

Left to Right: Elder Batin, Elder Elmer, me, Elder Miller

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