Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Last Week in CCM

Hola Everyone,
I hope everyone is doing well...First Congrats to Andrew on His Baptism and Making that first major step to our Heavenly Father...Also Congrats to Vanessa on Her Baby Shower Day...Still don't know why they call it a baby will be a Great Mother!

I believe I will be going up to Boise on Wednesday of this week, staying the night in Boise and going to the Mexican Consolate on Thursday and then head back to Provo to catch my Flight to Mexico on Friday...I haven't received solid flight plans yet but I have been told that was happening....
So great news, I am only a few days behind my District....

This past week has been quite a week haha it has been very busy....
General Conference was simply amazing, what a wonderful thing it is to have modern day Apostles and Prophets...They are truly the mouth pieces of God...

This whole week in our language classes we have been trying and struggling a learn Subjunctive Tenses..which are quite hard to explain....Today will be the Last day with our teachers they are super great....This past week there hasn't been a lot of spanish missionaries so there are extra teachers everywhere, so pretty much everyday I receive one on one instruction about teaching or language or anything mission related, it has been quite helpful. Last night a teacher who served in Mission came and gave us a run down of the culture and safety things,mainly for areas around the border, that we need to be aware of.

One thing I have enjoyed about the MTC is the TRC Program (Teaching Resource Center)
Where we share a little thought with a member....This past week we did a TRC meeting using Skype which was very interesting most of the Elders skyped with people in Chile, Mexico or Spain, but My companion and I talked to a Chilean woman in Orem haha...It was an amazing experience...

Well I will hopefully be calling from the Airport whenever I can, I will email to let you know exactly what my travel plans include...

Ok love you all
Elder Child

Hermano Purnell and I

Our whiteboard with our lesson plans:)

My District and Hermano Purnell

Our district and Hermana Daly

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