Friday, October 17, 2014

I heard Dave's voice...

As many of you know, David was flying to Mexico today after getting his visa in Boise on Thursday.  There were 11 missionaries that had to travel from Provo to Boise via airplane to go to the Mexican Consulate.  He called last night while he was waiting for his flight out of Boise.  It was so good to hear his voice, although when he called and said "Mom,"  I was a bit in shock trying to figure out who it was...his voice seemed deeper, strong and even more confident.  I was thrilled to talk to him and put him on speaker phone.  Crazy thing was just a few minutes earlier, Steve had come home.  He never gets home at 5:30.  He said everything was good and he was ready to fly out early this morning.  He stayed with some missionaries in Boise Wed. night then got up early Thurs. morning and went to the consulate.  After doing what he needed to there, they were able to go to the Boise Temple which he said was "Super Sweet!"  He saw the Neddo's from our Weiser Ward and heard there were other couples serving but he didn't see them.  Had I known, he would've seen some family members there too...haha.  We have actually been following the rules and Matt hasn't tried to "bump" into him in Provo the whole 6 weeks he has been there.  He also said that he had seen the Sanderson's in the SLC airport when he was flying to Boise, he was in a big group of missionaries so he doesn't think they saw him...(I will have to check)    He called today while he had a layover in Los Angelos.  He didn't have a lot of time because it had taken him a while to get to his gate because of all the construction in the terminals, he was flying by himself today and was sounding a bit more overwhelmed, as you could imagine.  He is anxious to get to Mexico and start teaching and learning.  He is also excited to meet his companion and hopes he's a good one.  Well, just wanted to share a little update.  Sure do love you all and thanks for joining us on this journey!  

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