Tuesday, October 21, 2014

First Days in Mexico...

wow i don´t even know where to begin haha
well how about Hola
these past couple of days have been super crazy...i have learned so much its not even funny o and sorry about the no caps and punctuation marks i am typing on a spanish keyboard and it is kind of a pain to do all the puntuation...haha so friday when i arrived we went to the mission office did a intro to the mission and went over rules and shtuff like that... after my comp and i rode in a taxi to our new apartment haha since we are in a new area my companion has been looking for a new apartment for us to stay at for the past 4 days or so and let me tell you he did a great job haha our apartment has all the modern conveniences including a hot plate (stove top looking thing with 2 burners) fridge, washer and dryer, shower, and even an air conditioner in our bedroom haha all the rest of the elders are suuuuppper jealous haha....
so ya our casa is pretty amazing :) so friday night we just relaxed and ate a subway sandwich that the Presidents wife bought for us...we couldnt go out because we were supposed to have a cell phone that the ZLs had and so we were waiting for them...they finally showed up about 9:00 or so...Saturday morning we did some personal study and then went to a ward service project where we cleaned up Juan de Dios lawn, it had a lot of wood and metal and just random objects everywhere, after we were done it looked like the cleanest plot of dirt there ever was haha...
after that we went to lunch at a members house (i will send a picture) and boy that was amazing haha...the tacos we had had potatoes and just a little meat in them...mmm and then we had some type of hot soup...haha my companion was eating his soup and came across some white chunk and still today we have no idea what that was haha but he ate it :) all in all it was a really great first meal...
after we visited quite a few members...trying to gain the trust of the members and to acquire names of family members and friends that might be interested in the church...In my mission we cannot knock on doors every....i believe for safety our main source of names of people to talk to come from the members...So even tonight we are going out to visit more members to share a lesson and hopefully get some names :)
Sunday was a hard day...just because everyones accent is super hard to understand and to tell you the truth i understood the sacrament prayer and that was about it of the meeting haha, however i introduced myself to the ward haha it is super funny to hear the members try and say elder child...they have a hard time pronunciating child...haha also on sunday while i was trying to talk to people we found a Sister who is a member..and is really strong in the church she had her son with her, who isnt a member, and the son told us that he wanted to be baptized...completely out of the blue, so we are going tomorrow to see what we can do to help him be truly suprised my comp and i was great.
ok well i need to go but before, let me tell you this really quick my zone was moved up to main campus on thursday morning, while i was at the mexican consolate in boise...and so when i returned on thursday night i was completely lost on the new campus..but i finally found my way to where i would be staying the night...the room i was staying in was right next to a room that housed japanese speaking missionaries...and a tall, skinny, dark hair elder who wore big glasses walked out of the looked exactly like Dad...he looked so similar i almost teared up a little...thinking of what my dad would have looked like while in the mtc haha it was quite the experience...
ok i will be sending pictures some pictures in a few
love you all,
Elder Child

      Super weird to think that in 2 years this is going to be the airport I will be arriving in. haha

                                                       Boise Idaho Mission

Ready to Leave

First meal in Hermosillo

Also first meal in Hermosillo

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