Thursday, November 27, 2014

Time Flies when you are having Fun...

I hope everyone is well and preparing their stomachs for the Grand Feast this week...:)
We have plans to eat Turkey with a member Thanksgiving Night...which should be good especially accompanied by some Rice and Beans haha

This week went by super quick....We had Stake Conference on Saturday and Sunday...and its kind of weird they have two General sessions that include on Saturday night and the other Sunday Morning... Great time ...especially since I could understand what they were saying...Finally! haha

We continue to work really hard...with everyone...this past week we were trying to acheive a really high goal in lessons taught and new investigators....And I have been kind of getting discouraged lately because our Stats arent where I would like...but yesterday I was reading Preach My Gospel in My Purpose...Under the section A successful Missionary....and I dont know why I havent read that before but it says that a successful missionary is soley based on his or her dedication to finding, teaching and converting....nothing about stats or anything like that so needless to say I feel really good right now....haha

Also the Church is starting a new campaign...that I knew about in the MTC but I couldnt say anything until now...but it is called HE IS THE GIFT....It comes out the day after visit Youtube and watch the amazing video....and then share with your friends....

Sorry my letter is short this week...
Love you all and eat well this week hahaha But first be Grateful for everything....
Elder Child

Hermana Lillia made us Handkercheifs with our names on them :)
Such a nice down to earth Hermana :)

Hermosillo is Famous for their DOGOS...which is comprised of probably 10 toppings and the hot dog and the is super easy to lose the hot dog in this Pile of yummy goodness...

After eating the Dogo....Probably used about 30 napkins...but I didnt spill on my shirt or my tie...booyahh

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