Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lost and Found

Hola Everybody...we have had such a great week this week...
This week was the last week of the Iniciative He is the Gift....and this week especially we have found so many new people to teach which is really great...

We have been working so hard these couple of weeks trying to find a family (specifically) that we can teach and that we can help....and on Saturday we found one YAY! We had a great turn out for church yesterday too with our investigators....But we were missing some so thats where we will put our emphasis this week to try and get everyone to come to church....We have been so blessed...We really have...and I know it is because we are truly trying our hardest in every aspect of the work....

I was also able to do Companion Exchanges with Elder Bake...haha it was super fun to teach and work along side one of my Friends from Weiser/Payette Area...I learned a lot from him and we are planning on doing another exchange in 2 weeks haha And yes I filled him in on all of the gossip from 6 months ago haha....

One quick funny as all of you know one of the Goals people set the most for New Years is excercise and weight loss haha...ok and in Hermosillo there are tamale trucks that go around the streets honking their horns and announing on an intercom "Tamales...Tamales for 6 pesos"...and this week we heard a different announcement..."Tamales...Light Tamales for people who are on Diets" hahaha kind of a funny story haha...Hope all of your goals are going well by the way!

Love you all
Elder Child

                               Ran out of Hot Sauce in the Middle of Breakfast

                                                  Elder Bake and I on Exchanges

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