Thursday, February 12, 2015

Small Victories on the Battlefield of a Missionary

Hey Everyone....
I hope everyone is doing just dandy haha Everything is going well here and today is the beginning of the last week of the Transfer so we are excited to see what this week has in store for us....

First....We won the battle of the 8 o clock church yesterday with a great victory ahhhh it was sooooooo great....We had 5 inactive families come yesterday and a great number of was the best feeling ever to have everyone sitting close by and participating in the Sacrament and listening to all of the talks...ahhhh it was soooooo great...I hope we can continue getting these people in church everyweek so they can feel the importance of it....

I feel really great at the end of this transfer....Knowing that a change is almost unavoidable and that 4 1/2 months ago Elder Dipko and I opened this area with only a map and a list of some of the members here and visiting the same people every other day.......We have really developed quite a big list of investigators and members that we didnt even know existed and have been filling our schedule with tons of Scheduled appointments for days....It has been quite the learning experience starting from scratch....I am excited to see what the transfers have in store for us as one of us (at least) has to leave...If I leave I know that there will be a lot of work to do in Barrio Reforma for many transfers to come....

Thanks for all of your support sorry this letters short....haha
Elder Child

                                 Welding a little with Manuel one of our Investigators

Christmas Part 2

                     Elder Bake and I on other Exchanges doing what we do best...Studying!

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