Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Life on the Border

Hola Everyone,
I hope everyone is doing great.....This week was super hard at the beginning as we opened area only because it is super hard to find the houses of our members and potencial investigadors....there are no street signs and no one has a house number posted outside their house hahahahaa so we have to contact the whole street just to find that one house haha but the good thing about that is that we can contact more people and we can have more people to teach haha.....

We have really progressed this week and I am excited to see what this week has in store for us ....I really hope I am not going to fast for my new companion every night we come home we do daily planning then he just crashes haha....But really he has only been on the mission for 3 weeks hahah so he is still adapting to the schedule....
This week I feel like I have improved very quickly in my spanish because my companion is a little quiet so I did most of the talking hahah I am thinking 100 percent in spanish which makes it to write letters like this in english....

All in all this week was super sweet we contacted and taught 17 new investigators which is exactly what I was hoping for hopefully out of these we can have a few that progress towards baptism....we had a meeting on sunday with the Branch Mission Leader and we were talking about what we could do as a branch to have more success in the missionary work and we decided to have a branch wide fast to find a families that is prepared to receive the gospel and take the step of baptism as a i am super excited to see what happens in the upcoming weeks and months....

Thanks for everything Love you guys....
Love Elder Child

P.S. For this time that I am in Agua Prieta I can recieve packages in Arizona through a member ...Here is the address

Armando Moreno
Attn Elder David Child
247 5th Street
Apartment 1
Douglas, Arizona

                                              My Companion after Lunch haha

                                                           ¡Agua Prieta!

                           Elder Aguilar made a Friend at one of our Investigators House

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