Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Its All in the BOOK!

Hello Everyone...
This week was great...we continue to find lots of people here in Imuris...There are more less active members that have been starting to go again to church and we are having some more investigators going as well...

Miracles are happening every day...One day while we were knocking doors. we found a little boy...who told us that his mother was busy inside...He told us to pass by another day...So we went around knocking more doors...we passed by the street where this little boy lived again, and he ran out and told us that his mother was able to talk to us...We passed by and the Mother started talking to us about the different religions that there are in Imuris...(there are a lot) She started asking the right questions...She asked us how she could know which church is the true one? and we were quick to respond...Pray...and ask God....She thought that was weird because the other churches just say to trust them...haha...So we shared our message and she was reading the Book of Mormon before we even left...haha She is a wonderful person. I swear the secret to Missionary Work is the Book of Mormon and Prayer...I know that God directs this work...and that we are His Servants...

Other fun experience was that on Sunday the Primary teacher didnt show we got to teach all of the kids of the branch on Following the Prophet...Attached you will find a picture of the pictures everyone drew...After 2 hours of teaching these kids I enjoyed the 5 minutes of peace coloring time brought...Hahaha

Love you all
Elder Child
                                                              Primary in Imuris!
                                                               Its ALL in the BOOK!
 All of the Americans that were in the MTC together were reunited once again to go to the Temple...

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