Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just keep Pedalling...

Hello Everyone...
I have had an interesting week adapting to many many many things haha...First of all my companion is super great... a super hard worker and has a lot of experience in the mission....
My Zone is a wonderful zone...everyone is really great.. we played a little bit of volleyball after our meetings today...everyone participated really well and played...I have 16 missionaries in the Zone here in Puerto Penasco...and the work is progressing rapidly here....On Sunday we counted 170 people in church which was really great for a Branch...haha after Sacrament meeting we were running around like banchies trying to find the investigators that were visiting for the first time...because here we have a few visitors from the U.S....this week not very many but it is kind of interesting trying to find our investigators in the middle of visitors, inactives, and members...But it was fun to get to know lots more people and try to speak english with those visiting from the U.S.
Another thing that has been hard to adapt too is riding the bike...ya we rode bikes some in Agua Prieta but here its a whole other most of the streets in our area is only sand...almost every street here is just like riding your bike on the does it burn your thighs ....haha
Elder Celaya and I have been working hard this week finding lots of people....its kind of cool how many salty fisherman want to hear more about our message...hhah no we have actually found a few families that came to church yesterday...It is sooooo nice here because we dont have to battle with the 8 o clock church here we go at 1 in the afternoon...which is super nice for everyone to be able to come ....haha

This is just a little about my week...I hope your week went well...Thanks for all the love and support...
Elder Child

                                 The Gorgeous Beach...Water was a little rough though haha

A part member family that we found through the Sister that is standing in the middle...The older couple are members but havent gone in about 4 years...but just a little pushing and they came yesterday!!

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