Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Soaring Numbers and Mexican Sushi...

Hola Everyone...
I hope everyone is doing well and had a great week...This week has been crazy for us....First of all we had a crazy number of people come to church this week...haha for the 2 branches here we counted almost 700 people in both sacrament meetings...Most were visiting from the United States for Memorial Day...It was kind of weird to see that many white people in the same place and at the same time...haha...But I got to Practice switching back and forth from speaking Spanish to english and it wasnt too hard haha Along with all of the visitors we had a great turn out of Investigators which was super dooper great...

All in all we are doing great...I dont have a lot of time today to write because we have to go to Hermosillo to have companion exchanges with the Assistants...But I will attach a few cool photos from this week!

Thanks so much for your support
Love You All
Elder Child

Mexican Deep Fried Sushi! We have been teaching this couple for 2 weeks and are really great people...We were able to go eat with them...My companion isnt a sushi kind of guy and so he got a burrito haha...Pretty good sushi just never had it with Jalepeno peppers haha

                                            Luckily we found this dog inside the fence haha


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