Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Hola Everyone
I hope everyone has had a great week and all of my brothers are ready to tackle their last week of school...

This week has been crazy...we started off having companion exchanges with the Assistents on Monday then I came back to my area on Wednesday Night and then we had more exchanges with one of our District Leaders on Friday and Saturday so I have only been in my area for about 2 days this week haha but i have learned so much with each one of these Elders....In Hermosillo it is super hot already and super dry...super weird while I was there I didnt sweat very much but you can just feel your body just drying up...just like a piece of fruit in one of those food dehydraters haha crazy hot like 115 degrees F hot haha But as many of the people told me when I was there the Summer has just begun and it will get worse...haha..

We had quite the experience yesterday in the middle of sacrament of the sisters in our branch had a heart attack and was carried out of the chapel to meet up with the ambulance...Such a crazy experience we ran out to see if we could help with anything and the sister was unconscience
...they asked if we could give a blessing to the sister before the paramedics arrived...and so we ran in to get our consegrated oil to give her a blessing...I had the opportunity to offer the blessing but right before I gave it the ambulance showed up with the siren blaring loud and clear...I remember that when I started speaking everything seemed silent and I could offer a short and simple blessing meanwhile the paramedics were checking her pulse and everything like that...we finished and when we took our hands off of her head she came to and thanked us for the blessing she was then rushed off to the hospital...The Sister called us later to thank us again and to tell us that she was safe and sound in her house...and that the doctors related her story to a Miracle...This experience strengthened my faith and testimony that we truely have the power of God here on Earth and that, if we are worthy, will be asked to work Miracles among men....

Just a few things from this week...pretty crazy but just know Miracles do exist...

Thanks for all the support and love
Love Elder Child

The night view of Hermosillo...still was about 90 degrees at 9 o clock at night...hahah I am so glad to be in Puerto Penasco

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