Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Few More Meetings and Lots of Americans and Tons of Opportunies to Share the Gospel

Hey Everyone....
This week has been crazy...A lot has happened here in Puerto Penasco in the last week...This is the last week of the transfer and quite a few people will be heading home...incluided in those are the President and Hermana Hernandez...(the mission president and his wife) It will be kind of weird to have a new President but its all good.....So to say goodbye to everyone the President and his wife stopped in to have a Zone Conference so we could hear a farewell message and take pictures....It was really great and we all learned a lot....Attached you will find photos of me and Pres.and Hermana Hernandez and the Puerto Penasco Zone with them also...We will be recieving the President Robinson soon and we will have a meeting with him and his wife in the beginning of July...

Another thing that happened this week was that the Rotary Club from Utah came down (about 600 americans) to do lots of service....they built 4 or 5 houses and did a lot more service at a local Rotary Club school... Being from Utah more than half of the group were members of the church....We got a phone call from the Man in Charge on Tuesday morning to see if our Zone of Missionaries could help... so Elder Celaya and I went to go see the projects and it was amazing, kids, teenagers, and even older people came running to us to take pictures and then post them on the internet...haha I told my companion after that we should have charged the people 1 dollar to take a picture with them haha we would have been rich...haha We dropped off quite a few pamphlets of the Restauration with telephone numbers and the direction of the church on the back...we gave them to all of the Americans who wanted them so that they could hand out to people and share the gospel...and it has been quite neat to get random phone calls from people that they have contacted haha....super great....

Also we have quite a few investigators that have been coming to is named Omar...Omar was a Pastor at a other church and now he is a preacher at the Rehabilitation Center...on the side he works at a Gas Parts store...He is a really great guy...He has studied the Bible a ton...and I mean a ton....He has tons of questions about Aaronic Priesthood and Melquesidek Priesthood and questions that only the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was super great and is really opening up to our message and this week he read almost 50 chapters of the Book of Mormon haha...He has a strong desire to be baptized by the Priesthood Power and he wants to be a missionary like us...haha I hope he progresses well and keeps on completing his commitments...

Alot of great things are happening with the Work in Puerto Penasco!!!
Love You all..
Elder Child

                  Just one Project site with 3 houses under construction and lots of Gringos...

                                             My Companions bike has just about had it haha

                                              Me with President and Hermana Hernanadez

                                 President and Hermana Hernandez with Zona Puerto Penasco

This is a picture that was posted on Facebook by Carrie Dana Wallace, part of the group from Utah.  It turns out she is a friend of Amy Richardson, Matt's soon-to-be Mother-in-law!  
So fun to see him in "action"!!

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