Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Strange Addictions and Awesome Transfers...

Hello everyone....

We have had quite a week here in Puerto Penasco..things have been quite crazy....
A few things...we had transfers today and Elder Celaya left to finish up his mission as Zone Leader in Hermosillo..I feel a little bad that he will be headed toward 125 degree weather but he liked the idea so he can lose a little weight before he heads back home haha....I recieved Elder Bernal from Washington as my companion...Funny thing When I started the mission in Hermosillo, Elder Bernal was my Zone Leader haha and so it has been fun to share a few memories from Hermosillo...I am super excited to learn more and to work more...that is one thing I remember from Elder Bernal that he just likes to I think we will get along just fine...haha

Also before I forget Happy Fathers Day Dad!!! We had a great Fathers Day here we actually went to eat with an Older American couple from Arizona that lives right on the beach...We enjoyed a great Pork Roast with applesauce, real Idaho baked potatoes and vegetables, biscuits, pineapple with cottage cheese, and a Lemon Cake for desert.....Wow was it amazing...I dont think I have eaten so much in my life....It brought back a lot of memories of eating with my grandparents and family the same meal...haha

Yesterday we also had Omar come to church....Omar is just a great guy he has been reading tons in his down time at work and he is in the middle of Alma haha crazy...he is really examining the Book of Mormon on the side of the Bible...and he is gaining a firm testimony of the truth...I will attach a photo of Omar so you guys can see who he is....

Also another thing happened this missionaries we deal with people that have many different types of addiction whether be drugs or other things with the Word of Wisdom or gambling....almost every type of addiction we have dealt with or so I thought...This week we met a man that expressed to us an addiction that was one thing I had never thought about before but his addiction is Rooster Fighting...I wont talk to much on the subject but this man expressed how much this controled his life, raising roosters, training them and then gambling on we have been started helping him drop this addiction...He is really motivated to dropping the addiction and be a follower of Christ "in all things" This has really mad me realize that anything can become an addiction it doesnt matter what it is....

Well there are a few things that are happening here...I am excited to start another transfer here in Puerto Penasco.. Also Hope all the Fathers had a Great Fathers Day yesterday...we sure apreciate you....And I really apreciate my Father for teaching me the quality of hard work even if it is stinking hot outside hahaha...Love you Dad!

Love you all
Elder Child

                 Got a little dirty this week mixing and pouring concrete for one of our Investigators

                                                                    Fighting Addictions!

                                                         Elder Celaya and I with Omar!

                                                              Adios Elder Celaya!

                                 Well just want to say Love You Dad!!! Almost 10 months ago

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