Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Week of Service...

This week was a very interesting one...haha We had lots of appointments already set at the beginning of this week and one by one they were canceled...It was alittle frustrating everyone seemed to be super busy doing something...haha We used that to our advantage...I got a little of tired of people saying they were too busy because they were washing clothes, dishes or cleaning the house or even making lunch and we always offered to help them but they never accepted our help....So Wednesday, being a little frustrated, I decided to be a little more persistent...haha...When we arrived at a house and when they would tell us they didnt have time because they were busy cleaning the house we would be pretty persistent and entered into the house cleaned the house, washed the dishes, and even made their lunch....we were able to talk a little about the gospel in between and they usually let us stay and share a full lesson...This worked so well...even at times i felt a little weird with pruny hands all day long from washing so many clothes and dishes haha...We continued with this method for the whole week...and we were able to teach more lessons then we had last week, when we werent that persistent....People might think that we are a little annoying a little grosero (impolite) but I do this because I know something that the majority of the people here dont know...that is that We have something that no one else has on the face of this earth...We have the true gospel of Jesus Christ...It is also cool to see the attitudes of the people change when you offer service or do some service..Its crazy...
So we will keep on being persistent in this offering service....
We keep on teaching many people members and nonmembers about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration...I am so grateful for these wonderful blessings in my Life....Sorry my letter was kind of short but I sure hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and eats lots!!!! and to give thanks for all of our wonderful blessings....
Love You All
Elder Child

                     Everyone Enjoying the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Family!

 Making tortillas on a wood stove...Elder Garcia took forever to take the picture so here is me burning my hand instead of me making tortillas...haha

                                                 A Parade for the Mexican Revolution 

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