Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Blowing "Smoke"

Hello Everyone...
I sure hope everyone could have an enjoyable time eating and spending time with family...For us it was a normal day...We ran to my little American Store and bought a few food items like mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberry sauce...They had ran out of stuffing unfortunately and I couldnt find a small quantity of turkey...haha everyone was selling whole 25 lb turkeys...I thought that it would be a little dificult to cook 25 lbs  on a little skillet so we cooked 2 huge chicken legs and the rest of the things when we finished the day at about 9:45 pm It was wonderful...:)

It has really been cooling off lately...I am not sure how cold it has gotten but yesterday when we went to church there was Ice on the windows of the cars and we were like little trains on our bikes blowing big clouds of vapor out of our mouths...Elder Garcia got quite a kick out of that haha...and of course we turned into little kids as we acted as trains all the way to church haha...I have been getting over a cold this past week which hasnt been that fun but I am getting better every day...In the mornings I have been getting up running to the kitchen making a bowl full of Cream of Wheat and then running back to my bed to put my blankets around me again haha...

Also these past couple weeks we have been visiting the Family Martinez...the Dad is a member but the rest of the family arent...they are a miracle from heaven...The Brother found us as we were walking to an appointment almost a month ago...since then we have taught them lots and this past week they accepted a Baptismal Date for the 19 of December, 2 weeks after transfers I am not sure if I will be here for another transfer but I know that this family will be a great help to the branch here in Magdalena

Saying that Transfers are this next Monday...we will have to see what happens but I know that I have helped a little with the Work of Salvation here in Magdalena and the surounding areas....

I am thankful for all of your prayers and support...Love You All
Elder Child
Helping a Sister clean her kitchen...I didnt think you could stand on stoves like that...haha
                                            Me and my Thanksgiving Dinner....mmmmmm!
                                        Me offering a can of Cranberry sauce to our Friend...

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