Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Hey Everyone...
Hope everyone is doing just wonderful this week...We just got finished up with the rest of the Zone Conferences this week...And it is quite the relief...We now hope to get on a regular missionary schedule...and maybe I can get some more sleep now...haha...These past 2 transfers in the offices have probably been the most tiring transfers in my whole mission...but it isnt just a physical tiredness it is an emotional and mental tired as well...Worrying about every single missionary in the whole mission and about their progression, and at the same time working in your own area with your investigators/members with their own needs...the weight just kind of catches up after a while....

A few weeks ago though I had an amazing experience of the Enabling Power of the Atonement...I remember very clearly one night where I had to figure out quite a few problems that were happening in the mission, so I spent most of the night on the phone with missionaries, and I also had to prepare some trainings for a few conferences that we were going to have, needless to say I got to bed late...and the next morning we had to get up at 4 30 to drop missionaries off at the airport then we were headed to a conference...At 4 30 when my alarm went off I was laying in my bed thinking...Ya I am not sure if I can get up today, I felt like I had no energy whatsoever...or in other words I was pooped...
I kneeled down beside my bed and begged for the energy to get through the day...In that moment a found a rush of energy come over me...I knew that the Enabling Power of the Atonement had been applied to my being...In that moment after I had said that prayer I sprang right up and said What a Wonderful DAY! at the top of my lungs, and how it was a great day...I had the energy and then some to be alert and excited in all of our daily activities...since that day I have always asked for this power to help me have the energy to keep on going...

I am now using this energy that I have to help others...Sister Robinson has trained to always have a Positive attitude...Reminding us that P.A.C.E. really works (Positive Attitude Changes Everything) Every morning and really every chance I get...I say positive comments...In the morning I usually things like, What a wonderful day or Today is going to be a great Day, and during the heat of the day I usually say, What a gorgeous day even if it is 130 degrees outside haha it usually causes a good laugh...I have found that PACE really does work...if everyone has a more positive attitude even in the worst of times we can overcome this troubles in our life a lot better...

There is my invitation...I hope you all have a great week...
Love Elder Child
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                                                           Nogales Zone Conference
                                                         Agua Prieta Zone Conference
                                                    Hermosillo Reforma Zone Conference
                                                        Hermosillo Pitic Zone Conference
                                             Hermosillo Villa de Seris Zone Conference
                                                              Caborca Zone Conference
                                                           PeƱasco Zone Conference
                                                Hermosillo Misiones Zone Conference
                                                          Guaymas Zone Conference

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